About us

Who are we

Renvect Yacht charter is a sub-brand of "Renvect", specialized in Nautical tourism with head office in Pula/Croatia. With our database of more than 8000 vessels we provide the best searching service with dedicated support during voyage with us.

With knowledge and experience in the wide area of maritime, nautical tourism and travel industry we can say we are more than capable to offer services and products that fulfills your highest expectations.

What we do
Yacht rental

Through our database of more than 8.000 vessels we offer unique ways to search specific vessels
that will fulfill your deepest requirements with ability to book real-time offers across the world.

Skipper service

Unique way to offer Skippers and Crews for your next Yacht,based on their bio,
You finally get a way to get to meet your next skipper.
Arrange details and more for adventurous voyage that awaits you 


In our database we provide professional Crew for Yachts and other pressure crafts.

Event organisation

Through experience and knowledge we provide biggest moving events on the sea which lead us to organizing biggest party flotillas with more than 300 persons across a thousand islands and hidden bays.

Yacht rental advising

Yacht consultancy or recommendation for your next voyage. What yacht to book for specific geographical location, your preferences, budget and more.

Itinerary planing

Preparing itinerary for your next voyage, arranging dockage, places you want to visit while simultaneously providing ultimate support to make your next voyage without unwanted problems.


Informing about procedures thateveryone has to go under,port information and their pricings,moorings,border crossing,legals and much more.

Port & marinas

Arranging best possible dockage without spending unnecessary founds or overpaying specific marina or port services, marina or port procedures and announcements to make sure perfect berth awaits you.

Why Renvect

Taking an open approach and working alongside both clients and competitors, we are always honest, putting our clients’ interests ahead of our own.


Our college's are our business. Multilingual, multicultural professionals with decades of combined experience in every aspect of yachting are on hand 24/7.


As one of the first yachting companies to offer unique services in yacht charter industry, we think long term. Clients who work with us have positive feedback and returning again.


Renvect is an international brand without borders. Our global and borderless mindset means we are ideally placed to help clients in any region.


Renvect is connected to a global network far beyond yachting. Insights gained onboard, connections with ports and shipyards around the world plus enhanced technical expertise enrich the experience we offer.


Renvect is among the top Brands  celebrating 2 Years in 2021. For this short period, clients have trusted us to provide the best yacht experience possible. Our experience sets our service apart. Our focus is the future.

Contact us

Our mailing address is:
Budicinova 35
52100, Pula
Phone: 00385 97 64 75864
Great vision withouth great asosiates is irrelevant.
lets work toghether.
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