Q & A

How can i cancel my yacht booking?

Canceling your yacht booking can be done trough sending us e-mail, contacting us directly by phone call or in any of our offices.

Till when can i cancel my booking?

Yacht or any type of service can be canceled prior to 3 weeks before arranged date.

If canceled above 3 weeks there will be no charge, and funds will be returned dependent on how You have paid for specific service.

Canceling due to COVID?

Due to recent ongoing pandemic, cancelation can be done with out penalty's if Your country doesn't allow crossing borders, requires isolation, illness that has been developed or if it messes with itinerary's and regulations of picked country and region.

How can i book Yacht?

Our yacht fleet can be booked directly trough system where You have total freedom to book a Yacht.
Also it can be done by talking to our team via E-mail, WhatsApp, Viber, Phone call.
In above mentioned process agent requires information such as:
-Location of desired voyage.
-Amount off persons that are planning to attend itinerary.
-Cruise distance
-Number of bedrooms.

How can i arrange skipper and itinerary?

For arranging skipper services and itinerary creation by your wish can be done thought contacting us directly, where u will have chance to talk with agent.
On our website you can find skippers with their bio, languages, experience and more.

Itinerary creation can be done also thought talking with one of our agents which can be contacted using our forms or by your preferred contact method such as: phone call, e mail.

How does support during voyage works?

During your voyage for any problems u are able to talk with us to resolve any unpleasant situation.
It can be done thought calling us directly or messaging agent that have helped you with service.

Is there someone I can talk to about my project?

Absolutely! You can reach us via he chat widget in the bottom right corner, or by email. Try team@memberstack.io. We're happy to help!

Does MemberStack have an API?

We sure do! Please contact engineering@memberstack.io for more information.