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Exemption routes

On exemption routes we travel trough corridors
where rules do not apply

Perfect corridors to for your next voyage which
offers a unique opportunity to travel
with as little as possible restrictions
or none.


Adventure routes

A route that calls for adventurous spirits
and explorers

This routes offer the most active vacations
tailored perfectly so they meet your highest


combined routes

Combined routes are for those who seek
to travel and explore across sea and mainland

It features exploration while sailing on your
yacht trough desired route, while
simultaneously combines city and
culture discovery.


Party routes

party routes are best fitted for those who
seek events.

Perfectly tailored events like our Renvel experience
which combines all aspects of good festival but
also combines city exploration, sailing
and more.


Casual routes

Casual sailing routes best fitted for
families who seek relaxed vacation.

This routes are custom tailored to suit and fulfil your needs and vision of vacation.
There are 2 options to explore:
pre-tailored or custom tailored


Island hopping routes

Island hopping routes feautures seven day exploration among archipelago with more than 1000 islands

During your voyage you loose totally touch with mainland in that away you are always around islands or on it to explore and have your next