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Adventurous, lively, full of activities,
artists, the best in music and nautics.
It's not just a festival, it's movement
and experience.

Explore festival

20 +
Party destinations

Over 300
participants per week

30 +
Yachts per week

STARTING FROM €550 per person

Active vacation

Immerse yourself in parties and activities on trip

Travel corridor

Sail the exemption corridor, go beyond the restriction

Unique experience

Party on yacht and shore, meet new likeminded friends

Revel North

Party while sailing on yacht, hidden bays and have immense adventure.
  • Unrestricted travel
  • Unique experience to carry trough life.
  • Fully organized itineraries (clubs,partys,adventures and more).
  • Exclusive access to events organized by us and partners

Croatia, Home Of Floating Festival.

Revel is a moving experience festival and features Sailing Yachts, catamarans, Motor Yachts, Djs on the lead yacht with music streaming live on all other vessels while underway,
Circle-raft parties, parties on beaches and bars, scuba diving activities, city exploration with guides, zip lines, (with entertainer, Djs, professional photographer and skipper included).

Our primary intentions are to keep mixed gender vessels to ensure great time for all participants. Each day we are at a new unique destination for seven days. It offers a unique opportunity to experience discovering new destinations while having a great time.

Revel takes place in Croatia, starting from the three home ports (Pula, Rijeka, Split) from where we depart towards the archipelago of 1000 islands where immense activities await you.

Groups can book a complete yacht with the possibility to choose among our yachts and skippers in the database.

If you plan to travel alone, you can book a place or a cabin if you travel with a friend.

You can also find and meet the crew and other participants in our official group on Facebook.

It starts in June 2021 and lasts until September 11, 2021 .Revel is bookable for predefined dates in this period and lasts seven active days, with the new week starting on Saturday).


Live on the yacht for seven days, sail with djs onboard among islands and bays. Enjoy your well needed vacation.


Explore destinations onboard and ahsore,have adventure in hidden bays or hike to highs for breathtaking views.


Dance each night on another destination,party on a Yacht and other secret destinations


Interact with your crew and other attendants of Revel floating festival, you are part of something bigger

What is included :

7 days/Nights accommodation on yacht
Proffesional skipper by your choice
Water & Breakfast on your yacht
Exclusive acsess to all of our events during week
Music stream on yachts
Towels and liens
Dinghy & final cleaning
Snorkeling equipment &SUP
Dj on leading vessel
Raft up parties
Yacht by your choice from our database (only as group)
Anchoring destinations by your choice


Come and explore
the best of the world,
from modern cities to natural landscapes


Explore our packages and treat yourself with one that best suits your needs


€ 550
Per person
Sailboat 15 meters only
Host: No
Yacht age: 2012 - 2015
Half board: No
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€ 950
Per person
Catamaran 15 meters
Host: Yes
Yacht age: 2015- 2018
Half board: Yes
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€ 1750
Per person
Motoryacht 15 meters
Host: yes
Yacht age: 2018- 2021
Half board: Yes
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Revel Home Ports

Starting 24 June 2021
Pula starting point of Revel experience North Adriatic

Pula is one of the oldest cities in Croatia, with the Colosseum and 114 fortifications within a 10-kilometer radius, its harbor offers the most covered shelters in the world and has one of the most accessible airports, with a scenic and geographical airfield that makes landing possible in all conditions.

Its proximity to Venice makes it the perfect place to start your adventure, while at the same time its amazing west coast city offers Rovinj, Poreč, Umag.

On the other hand, it makes sure you have two largest islands where you can sail and have immense tons of activities and fun.All this makes it perfect for Renvel launch weeks.

Advantages of Pula
  • Acsessible airport and infrastructure
  • Elite resorts & marinas
  • Windy area that saves expenses
  • Access to West coast of Istria and Islands
  • Experiences and adventures
  • Best party route
Starting 24 June 2021
Rijeka starting point of Revel experience Middle Adriatic

Rijeka is one of the home ports of the Fleetex moving Festival, known for its breathtaking view of the Kvarner Bay from the heights of the city,

Cultural capital of Europe and one of the oldest centers for electronic music with a large number of students. This route takes you to Opatija, Krk, near Cres, to Krk and then to Rab.
It is designed to be unique and adventurous while offering parties.

Krk offers famous places for parties, restaurants, hospitality, natural landscapes and many activities with its three big towns (Malinska, Omišalj, Krk) that ensure all your needs are met.

Advantages of Rijeka
  • Area with the most Marinas and port infrastructure
  • Historic and cultural locations
  • Party destination and most known party locations
  • Elite resorts and Island archipelagio
Starting 24 June 2021
Split starting point of Revel experience

Split geometric position opens a huge archipelago of islands and the possibility to sail south towards Dubrovnik and north towards Zadar and other historical cities nearby.

One of our events that starts from Split is best suited for those who want to have a combination of partying, historical exploration with island hopping and many adventures.

Split is famous worldwide for its breathtaking views, coastline and many other attractions nearby.

Advantages of Split
  • Historical cities and culture
  • Adventurous
  • Posibility to sail to north and south of Adriatic
  • Island hopping and travel corridor



How it Works ?

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